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The Victims

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At first, I had designated separate sections of this site for "Victims" (those who perished) and "Survivors." It then occurred to me that, no matter if they lived or died, everyone who went through the fire was a victim. Many who survived had loved ones who did not. Some survivors suffered physical and mental scars for the rest of their lives. For a few, the personal and economic loss was so great that they had no other option but to live out their days at the county poor farm or asylum. Individuals who did not experience the tragedy first hand, but who came from outside to help clean up the mess and bury the dead, were also deeply affected.

This section will illustrate the tragedy's wide reach. Here you will find examples of other communities that suffered losses (besides Peshtigo), learn about the impossible task of identifying all the dead and missing, and hear what it was like for some of the survivors, in their own words.

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