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A bird's eye view of Peshtigo as it looked in September 1871, just before the fire. This image, from the 1971 edition of Peter Pernin's account, is adapted from the original color lithograph published by T.M Fowler & Company of Madison, Wis.

Bird's eye view of Peshtigo - September 1871

1) Catholic church; 2) dam (left), bridge (right), sawmill (above); 3) Peshtigo Company warehouse and factory; 4) Company boarding house; 5) Forest House; 6) Congregational church, and the schoolhouse.

This image courtesy of the Wisconsin Electronic Reader, a cooperative digital imaging project of the University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System and the Wisconsin Historical Society. Materials from this project may be copied freely by individuals or libraries for personal use, research, teaching (including distribution to classes), or any "fair use" as defined by copyright laws. Anyone interested in any other use of this material is expected to contact the University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System for permission.

Cite as: Deana C. Hipke. The Great Peshtigo Fire of 1871. <http://www.peshtigofire.info/>
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