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My name is Deana Hipke. I grew up near Peshtigo, Wisconsin and attended the public schools there. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin and currently live in the capital city of Madison with my husband and daughter.

I am not a professional historian. This site was inspired by my personal interest in genealogy and local history, and grew out of a compulsion to collect published references to my hometown and its unfortunate claim to fame.

When I first started visiting genealogy sites on the Internet, I occasionally came across queries posted by individuals looking for information about "a big forest fire in Wisconsin that killed a lot of people." I was glad to use my background knowledge to answer a few questions. In time, I decided to compile some information and make it available via the Internet. This was my first exercise in Web site publishing.

The site started out (in late 1998) as little more than a list of books, articles and links intended simply to steer people toward the source materials they needed to do their own research and develop their own conclusions. It soon became more popular than I had imagined. It was gratifying to learn that my little hobby site had relevance in the wider world, and the positive feedback provided encouragement for me to expand and improve it. I have therefore invested considerable time and effort in giving the site a more professional look, expanding the content and promoting it in various forums.

I have also incurred some expenses to register a domain name and secure functional and reliable web hosting services. Thanks to heavy competition in the business, I have managed to find some good deals that promise to keep these yearly expenses fairly low, but it's still money out of my pocket. If you think this site is a worthwhile endeavor and you would like to contribute a little something to help keep it going, feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to provide a breakdown of expenses. All patrons will be acknowledged here on the site, unless they wish to remain anonymous.

~ dch

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